Saturday, March 26, 2011

better late than never

Java Jazz Festival 2011 :)

Ps: sorry I don't upload all the pics, 2 lazy 2 do 2 the rest maybe would be on my flickr ;)

Mostly Jazz March 20, 2011


So, 6 days ago I went to Mostly Jazz at Red and White Lounge, Kemang with my friend. I don't really have the intention before. But when I surf on twitter and found out that the artists were ALL MY FAVORITES I decided to go there day-2. Unfortunately I caught a pretty bad flu so it wasn't really cool to look at a snobby teen hangin' around at a fancy lounge like that.
But here's some good news. Earlier on twitter I spot one bangber's tweet that said that he loves chocolate (well everybody is), so when me & my friend walked around the street I was searching for a minimarket. At 1st I was just thinking for something like alfamart/indomaret/circleK, but what I found was Boxmart, with adults hungover beers on the front door. I straightly went to the chocolate section and bought Silver Queen and a small Toblerone (u can see the pic when bangber was holding these).

After the first show (they were doing
GREAT by the way), I gave the chocs and he was like "Awwww.... Thx! ;)" GOD PINCH ME PLEASE, SOMEBODY?! We took some pics and I asked him due to my "secret project", but he just stayed for a while because later they'll have some jamming session. He asked us to keep his chocs while he was jamming, that means me and my friend must stay until the show's over......................................(*_*)

While he was having his jam session, me and my friend went outside to the gazebo when all of a sudden Dira Sugandi came over and we sat together. She told us so many things. From her career until her personal life. Me and my friend was just sitting there like a pile of dummies and wowed with her look that night. One thing u should know more about her, she's kind. And by the mean kind, I mean REAL kind. She doesn't act as if she was an artist. Appreciate that :)
The jam session was over at around 12.30 am. Oh, and btw, we were so lucky to got the seat where we can look directly to the stage! :p

After the show was over, bangber came to our table. We didn't even notice until he came in faints and said, "Capek juga ya..." and continued to ate the chocs. What an anti-climax u gave there -_-'
Aaaaanyways, we talked about A LOT of things that goin' around. It's either about his or our stuffs. He also told us how tiring is that to read all the crazy mentions lately. And a wee bit whining face that was............uber cute. HAHAHAH. We just told him, with a
very-sotoy-face, that he shoulda ignored those creepy stalker on twitter, and thank God he said that he feel relieved after talking this with us ;D

He also showed me some of my photos that I emailed him before, and showed one that he really love and used it for his, I forgot, the display picture or something. I feel honored. Like, really, really honored. And he wanted ME to give his photos to be used for his profile whenever there is an interview or something. ARE U NUTS????? I almost not breathing that time.

After we had a quite long chit-chat, he said "Sorry I can't drive u both home, my car is full :(" gosh I'm gonna punch my own face. Hearing him saying that, was beyond expectation so I didn't feel upset or anything.

Dira went earlier. She gave us kiss on the cheek. PRAISE THE LORD. I was so awkward I thought Paulie Bleeker was below my awkwardity level *wtf*

Just a few steps when me and my friend waved to bangber and we started to leave the venue, all of a sudden bangber shouted "DEV!!!!" and then I turned my head (trying to be like those girls in the shampoo commercials #epicfail) and then he said, "Ini hp nya ga mau dibawa pulang?" *carrying my cellphone and pretending that he gonna put it in his pocket*
eum............. NERVE BREAKING RECORD, DUH. I looked like a dumbass that time. After that, we (finally) left, searched a taxi, and went home.

I had such a great time there. Love the people, they're god-damn talented and humble. Love the place, it may be small but I would love to spend another hours there. Love the food, eventho it was only somekind of nacho-chips? idk.

ps: next Sunday I had planned to go there again, I hope my parents will let me and give me some $$$ too. Amin :)