Friday, November 12, 2010

After the rain has gone


HEYALLZ it's been a looooong loooonng time no post rite?
Such a bad blogger you, Dev.

Ehm those exams and endless assignments blocked my chance to have my time for blogging. I do online every night, but I just don't feel like blogging much b'cause I connecting the internet for Google, wikipedia and stuff. So now I will tell ya about everything that happened while the blog is unattended *sounds creepy* OK WELL here goes........... (
sorry this might be kinda long)

So, as we all know that I skip half of September and October without making any post in here. Well, first, there was this "
teacher's technique for student torturing mode" or we can say, exams. Yes, my school has this mid semester exam that held every 3 months after starting the new semester. I don't know why, but I think the mid exam's test is harder than the final. Is it the new government policy or just a pleasure for teachers who had successfully tortured the pupils? idk.
Well, I spent those horrible night dating with text book, and for you who don't know yet, SCIENCE BOOK IS DAMN THICK. Me and my friend were wondering whether we could smash a puppy with it. Honestly I love learning science, but Indonesian educational system is not good man, I told ya. Fortunately, my bio teacher always bring those cool documentary from Discovery Channel (although it says that it is for elementary school yea whatever) it really helps me understand the difficulty of biology.

After I spent a horrible week struggling with books and Qs, there was this birthday celebration that my school held every year. This year's theme was High School Celebration. And I was FRIGGIN EXCITED because on the closing day, my "bro" came as the guest star with his wonderful/amazing/groovy band called Barry Likumahuwa Project. YEAYYOYEAYYOYEAYO (i took a pic with him, it is the top of this post):D

Ok so here's the bad news. I didn't do well with my exam so my report is totally awful. God, I really upset and disappointed with myself. But there's no time for mourning and look backwards, I HAVE TO AND I MUST GET BETTER SCORE THE NEXT EXAMS. Stop with all the moron me.

Now here's some good news. I attended the Java Soulnation Festival which is one of "my music" besides jazz hahahah.. Yeah as you can see the title soul, it was all about urban, hip hop, soul and r&b music. It was so so much fun, although there were some mistakes and misunderstood happened. And there I met my "bro" again hahahah and we took some pic 2gether. He represent the motown music back to us, youth/reckless/pop generation. I'm glad to saw that tribute, because I could sing 8 out of 10 songs that they played. Tee Hee yeah you can call me old then :p

AND NOW, the 1st semester final exam is almost here. 2 weeks again................ Have I told ya that it is TWO WEEKS AGAIN??? Hmmph sorry for my hyperbole sentences T_T
As I wrote up there, I have to and must get better score next exams, I really wanna do some changes. Whether my learning concept or the resumes, I have to keep working on it and make em better.

By the way any bus way, I have also made a "to do list" that must be done after the final exam. So here they are :
1. Focusing the final exam first *hell yeah*
2. Having a photoshoot, hunting, etc *sounds fun, eh?*
3. Web research for undergraduate scholarship
4. Go to the US embassy for any chances getting a scholarship or studex.

WISH ME LUCK and I mean it. Wish. Me. Luck.

tee hee i love you all, and you, B ;)