Saturday, December 31, 2011

vvelcome 2012

whoa I can't believe that it's the 31st of December already.. well at least in where I am right now

and btw, I'm such a bad blogger yes? :))

This NYE might not be the best one. I don't go to anywhere special, or do anything that is wow enough. In the last day of 2011, I want to spend some time to think and summarize all that happened to me thru' the year. Well maybe I won't tell all of those here I'm just too sentimental for that. In summary, 2011 is not "the" year. I got ups and downs the whole year. mostly downs. Yes I know that it is not good to spread a negative energy, here, when everybody else is having a celebration. But that's what happened.
And I don't want to make any other resolution shit, because every year they ended up undone and just a waste of pen and paper. So now, let me write my "2012 goals" or idk....

1. Graduated from high school with some bad-ass scores
2. Accepted in an Art/Design Faculty either in ITB or IKJ
3. Have my teeth done (put on braces)
4. Done at least 3 art project before the end of the year
5. Able to play an instrument properly
6. Have at least 3 videos on vimeo (which I made a long time ago but still 1 vid in it)
7. Learn French
8. Have savings account
9. Got my licence before the end of the year
10.idk what the last is because 9 just seems stupid for a list, tee hee

How's that? I'm just praying that I could make all of those possible. Wish me luck and

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Gw tiba-tiba pengen nonton gig rock/alt/indie pop. Tiba-tiba.

Kenapa dev? Malam ini, tadi, gw iseng buka youtube dengan tujuan mau nge"stalk" orang. Tapi semakin ditonton, semakin pahit yg didapet, bukan info yang dibutuhin. Dan sayangnya orang ini bermain di aliran favorit gw, jazz.

Seketika itu juga, gak tau kenapa, langsung jd benci sama genre itu. Iya emang sinetron abis. Rasanya mau jingkrak-jingkrakan dengan alunan lagu keras. Tapi gak sekeras metal juga, belum se-hard-core itu.

Band yang lagi pengen gw tonton : NAIF (berhubung punya kaosnya, jadi yaa..), White Shoes and The Couples Company (musik apik favorit jaman smp), THE S.I.G.I.T, dan jebolan-jebolan myspace lainnya.

Gw tau ini mendadak. Apalagi hari Minggu besok gw harus menghadiri salah satu acara bertemakan jazz kental.

Semoga ini cuma sementara.

Friday, April 22, 2011

they are not what they are in 140 characters

I was nobody. Until they taught me with their music, with what they brought to us. Just find your passion, follow it, get lost with it, work hard on it, love it, stick with it. And you could be like them.

I thanked Jazz that brought me into these supremely nice people.........

Dira said "Barry is just like my own little brother...." aaawh :3

I asked her to fulfill my "secret" project

Matthew and me. I look retarded. Well I owe him a free ticket for the gathering because he gave me this crazy pose ;D

I maybe a nobody. But nobody can make such a moment like this.