Saturday, December 31, 2011

vvelcome 2012

whoa I can't believe that it's the 31st of December already.. well at least in where I am right now

and btw, I'm such a bad blogger yes? :))

This NYE might not be the best one. I don't go to anywhere special, or do anything that is wow enough. In the last day of 2011, I want to spend some time to think and summarize all that happened to me thru' the year. Well maybe I won't tell all of those here I'm just too sentimental for that. In summary, 2011 is not "the" year. I got ups and downs the whole year. mostly downs. Yes I know that it is not good to spread a negative energy, here, when everybody else is having a celebration. But that's what happened.
And I don't want to make any other resolution shit, because every year they ended up undone and just a waste of pen and paper. So now, let me write my "2012 goals" or idk....

1. Graduated from high school with some bad-ass scores
2. Accepted in an Art/Design Faculty either in ITB or IKJ
3. Have my teeth done (put on braces)
4. Done at least 3 art project before the end of the year
5. Able to play an instrument properly
6. Have at least 3 videos on vimeo (which I made a long time ago but still 1 vid in it)
7. Learn French
8. Have savings account
9. Got my licence before the end of the year
10.idk what the last is because 9 just seems stupid for a list, tee hee

How's that? I'm just praying that I could make all of those possible. Wish me luck and

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